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About Squirrel Fight


Squirrel Fight. It's a metaphor for how our co-brewers develop our beer recipes. What flavors are we planning to showcase in each beer offering?


Will the citrus or floral or spicy notes of our carefully selected hops come to the forefront of your taste buds? Or will it be the biscuit or caramel or roast flavors of our chosen malts that rise to satiate your palate? Maybe the tropical or clove or fruit flavors of our yeasts will be more to your liking. In each of our beers, there's a clear winner of the "Squirrel Fight" that occurs in our brew kettles and fermentors, our customers - the beer drinkers.  


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Ruben Vela

Born out of a passion for craft beer, I began home brewing 5 years ago.  Ever since I cut my craft beer tooth back in 1996, I never turned back.  Looking for the next best Ale, Gose or Lager was always a bit of a challenge living in rural Washington, so I thought, why not make my own?  As someone who enjoys brewing and drinking good quality beer I know there has always been an artistic approach to brewing.  This artistry is one of the main components of our beers.  Give me hops (and sometimes a lot of them), malt, water and yeast and my canvas is your palate.  I started brewing with Troy in 2014 and that's when the fight began to take shape.  When I was looking to add hops Troy would talk about a specialty malt he'd like to use.  Although there is a contrast and an almost conflicting approach to our styles and methods to brewing artisan beer we also seem to compliment each other and come up with some damn good beer.

Troy Watson

A love for cooking food and BBQ is what brought me to brewing. I love the idea of taking a familiar recipe and doing something new or unexpected with it. Brewing beer is the ideal arena for me to do that. After familiarizing myself with extract home brewing, I dove headfirst into all beers European. Primarily ales, I quickly honed my brewing chops on a variety of beers. Scottish and Scotch ales, English Olde Ales, Belgians Dark Strong, Irish and German Wheat ales are some of the types of recipes that I bring to (the) Squirrel Fight. An expanding curiosity for sour beers and a love for experimenting with unexpected ingredients helps to drive my exploration into interesting and complex beer territory.