Behind The Scenes: Troy's Ideal Tasting Room

I've been getting asked a few questions about our Tasting Room. 

Squirrel Fight Artisan Brewing is organized as a Brewery. That being said, it our every intention that the vast majority of the beer brewed as SFAB will be served to our customers out of tabs within sight of the vessels and tanks it was created in. Those portions of the building where we get to meet our customers and they get to taste our beers is our Tasting Room. However, that seems to be one of those answers that only tends to generate more questions.

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Troy Watson
Behind the Scenes: My case for rotating all of the taps.

We've been getting asked about the beers we plan to brew. I've had some expected questions along the lines of will we have an IPA. Or, do we plan to brew only ales or only lagers. I think that at this point we've committed ourselves to brewing beers. No style of beer is off the table.

Looking back over the beers Ruben and I have brewed together over the past couple of years there doesn't seem to be a clear preference. No, "signature beer" that I can identify as that one flagship offering to build a brand on. 

Here are a few of the example beers that I can see on my Brewsmith history:

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Behind the Scenes: Building even before there's a building to build within.

"If you build it, they will come."

I would bet that I have read or heard that phrase thirty times over the past year. That quote from the movie, "Field of Dreams" was pretty much an automatic piece of Americana as soon as that movie was released. We've all heard it a couple of times since 1989, when it first drifted out from between rows of corn, but I'm not sure that I've come across it quite as pervasively until I began immersing myself into getting a brewery up and going. 

There's an easy relationship between that movie and the craft / independent beer industry. Even a football fan like myself can appreciate the pure connection between sitting in the stands watching a baseball game on a hot afternoon and sipping a great beer(s). That is, if you lucky enough to follow a team that has great beer in their stadium. I myself have a few fond memories of listening to baseball games on the radio and sipping less than stellar beer. Beer and football is great. But I'm afraid my chosen sport has a little bit of catching up to do in that regard.

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Behind the Scenes : Documenting the Squirrel Fight

From the beginning I wanted to document the Squirrel Fight story.

Ruben and I had been talking about opening a brewery, with varying degrees of seriousness, for more than a year before we starting taking steps to bring that idea to fruition. As this idea started taking shape and becoming more real, I started looking around for details on how to make it happen. Typically, when I want to learn more about a thing, I read about that thing or watch videos about that thing

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Day 1

We are live! 

It has been a long road to get here. State business licensing, Federal Tax registration, and now our very own domain. I couldn't be happier. Well, I probably could have. Our original domain name was going to be shorter, but when I went to register the information it was owned by what looks to be a domain name squatter. That didn't take long.

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